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meanie baddie.
Sunday, January 07, 2007 5:37 PM

just for your information;

im in a t-e-r-r-i-b-l-e mood now.
i want to murder a certain jnr.
there are times where i wish i could change my phone number and go live under a rock. i shall eat bits of algae and the herb that grows underneath and get so much fibre that i'll poop all day long. then when i need water i shall do the tribal sundance to drive the sun away.

so much for money makes the world go round.
but i'll miss my doggies. and disco. and eL. and maybe even 2b. but too bad they cant fit under my rock coz its my rock. so too bad. but maybe if they leave regular offerings of mochi and fries outside my rock, i will let them in one by one to gawk at my humble abode.

but my dogs can come in for free coz they only have paws and cant bring offerings.

i realise. that radio keeps playing the same freaking songs. even im bored of them alr.

and guess what: im hving japanese curry and rice for dinner.
coz dowager is gg to a wedding of some friend of hers, which she spent the last 999 days obsessing over what to wear.

and one itu i hv a surprise for u on monday. no actually its not a surprise. ure making the surprise. keke.

and no. im not random. i just have a lot of thoughts.
and nvm if u cant understand it. coz let me let you in on a secret:
sometimes i dont understand them as well.

yayee. fortminors on the radio now. but its not very nice. coz they censor all the prettiful words.

sec one orientation.. oh pardon me YEAR one orientation. was. OHKAYLORH. hehs. the funnest is when i get a chance to talk with my jnrs. like the other time w jessicajanejeanoonhimandidunowhoelse and random butting ins frm changlok and jingqin. i think if they, esp jingqin go search their name on blogger theyd find tonnes of new entries frm YEAR ones. esp from girls.. *shakes head*
okie lorh i was sortofnotreally kidding. hehs.

oh and the talking with oneitu guys and jovina when they cldnt find the bollywood music.
yeaa tt was pretty fun too.
okie i know i dont sound very "ZOMGZOMG IT WAS SO BLOODY FUN CAN". but im totally sian-ed diao and feel like flushing my phone down the toliet bowl.

btw. rmb i said abt dowager gg for wedding dinner? yepps.
she looks like a goth.
and no need to threaten to tell my mum. coz i told her tt alr.
"whats gov?!"
"goffffffffff. whats goffffff?!"
a part goth half elf to be exact. coz her shoes like like an elfs with her outfit. next to the radiant allwhite bride shes gg to look like death blew over. tsks.

i want to stand with u on a mountain
i want you to brave with you on the sea
i wana lay like this forever
until the sky falls down on me

i want to know the song's title. enlighten me.
pwettyplease? ^^ <>
treasure it.

and im a baddie.i dun reply to tags coz my im lazy.
im a lazy baddie. too bad.
oo but i wanna give jess a big hug for tagging. coz shes the first jnr who tagged.

oh. and i accidentally brought the green face crayon home.
my bad.