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Tuesday, January 16, 2007 10:47 PM

hmmm. want to know why weilin LURBBBES disco like err... hmm. just SOSOSO MUCH LA OKAY. coz mainly besides the company right, i find that disco seniors are very wise. +DD

just like old people.

oops. okie i didnt say that. +X but i totally meant it in a nice endearing way. like how u'd speak of ur grandparents. oops again. but aiyaa enough of the crapping. just like yeaa weilin loves disco as much as she loves peas. and btw she loves peas a lot coz she likes piercing them with a fork and them eating them like a kebab.

but its like. disco is a family. and it takes 2 hands to clap. its like i dont know. clapping cant be accomplished when one hand is detached right? and you cant clap using ur hand to hit ur leg or whatever because it simply doesnt make the same sound.

what can i say? just hope for the best and may the hands be once again reunited and produce the loudest claps, the biggest soundwaves, the largest impact.

because, sharks are strong. we will surivive.

and im sorrrry cant reply to tags. like hello its 11.09 on a weeknight. last nights sleep was so shiok la. felt energised throughout the day. WHEEE~~
next time okie. ;D