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rice with pickles agogo land
Wednesday, December 13, 2006 1:39 PM

so im back.
back from the land of the "warmest customer service with their big smiles and arigato gozaimasu everywhere" to the land "where shop keepers eye you and stuff change into ur hands."
from the land of the "freaking chic london coats and buttery leather boots" to the land of the "ugly rain ponchos and rubber yellow boots of the fishmonger"
from the land of the "everybody keeps to the left of the escalator" to the land of the "lets S-Q-U-E-E-Z-E on the escalator at cityhall everybody!"

ANDDD did i even mention how the girls there are PRETTY AND KAWAII and the guys are oh-so-SHUAI. even the little nerdies in sushi agogo land are cuter than the little nerdies in singapore.

oh! and guess what!! my laopok camera FINALLY got a prettylicious upgrade. from a square silver fuji one to the fiery red sony cybershot 7.2 million pixels T50!!

TADAHH! here is it. except that u can tell frm my bad paint art that the covering-up-the-lens-flap-thingy is not silver but red. and we got it (fine i admit its a 'ours' not a 'mine') at electronic street in tokyo! and the price was amazingly lower. O.O it cost about SGD 500++ while in singapore its 600++. and the nintendo ds was about SGD 200 and my beloved was squashed down to a price of 200++ was well. (speaking of my beloved its speakers seem to have spoiled and the earphones have retardly lost contact as well *sobs* im gonna SUE. or maybe just take it to wisma for repair.)

and whats worse that it came in a BARBIE PINK. (it looked plastickey fake btw cant compare to my sleek black beauty and no im not being jealous but my cousin who is 9 got it and its so unfair) *coughs*

and the ps3 and wii is out!!!! *drools* the wii ishh sh0 dA kEwl!!! but really. the wii rocks like shitte.
its a LITTLE like the sony eye camera but wayy better. you can like play tennis with it and use the controller like a racket. GAWWWWS i wannnnt! (although my tennis sucks)

OH AND DID I MENTION THE IPOD NANO WAS SELLING FOR SGD 52 ON ELECTRONIC STREET?! i was this close to getting it. the green one was oh-so-tempting. (but honestly i liked the red aids one =X) but in the end i got a pair of shoes instead. on electronics street. hees ohwell.

okie now to go completely out of topic (duno how i got in the topic of being so tech-ey anyway). how i love red, let me count thy ways (or whatver it is in shakespearian) red is the new black coz i love red sososososo much. the red watch at vivo! MY BELOVED-THE-SECOND IM COMING! while my other beloveds like my red shoes and red umbrella and red cybershot cleans the house in prepartion of their new red blood sister.

disneyland was fun (in a kiddy i wanna bounce on goofy's bouncy furniture kinda way). the urm big blue bear thats mowgli's friend in the jungle book loved me. awwwws. no pics coz the pic is in my bling new camera which is in dunowhere and i have no interest in trying to upload it. as i was saying! it was okie i guess coz the sets and all the buildings and stuff were really beeyoootiful. some of the rides were fun but totally kiddy and I WANT TO GO TO DISNEYSEA INSTEAD! X(

oh but disneyland has the most ADORABLE hats ever. its so cute that its even cuter than my little pony. )=

blahblahblah im so bored and my eyes hurt ever since i read saving fish from drowning on the plane last night. not to mention gave me zero appetite coz i felt like puking when they served the cute airplane meals. and thus also resulted in gastric at 0230 am. T_T

ive got lots of stuff to say but i decided not to say coz id be so dead when my mum comes home and find me at the same position staring at the computer when she left.

and replys to tags. )= im sorry but im this humungos fatass who ate too much in rice and pickles and ramen agogo land so im only going to rant say a few things. and ive decided to reply tags on my tagboard once again. hurhur. X)

forget it. i shall reply to tags over here. *sniffs and looks heavenward* im SUCH a wonderful person.

;all thats worth it

  • SHER [hehe i know my paint art is wonderful tyty *bows* sweet and good things ahh?! omg shereen pass me a bucket. HAHA. JOKING dear girl. X) the pic is from 27 egrps but aubrey sent it to me.
  • ariel&charlene&ningqian [thankyous sweeties! YO ning. X)
  • lixuan [haha! yupps!! X)X)X)
  • weilin [ROFL! exactly. haha! X)
  • YP [LOLZ yp. X)
  • ningqian [hehe thankyous dear and hees of course i would (did, watever)
  • zp [LOL rmb last time uve alr said that ud start writing a will. *shakes head* u better start coz you never know when ud need it! HEHE X)
  • grace [thankyous grace!!
  • linxuan [okies i will.
  • jason [*coughs very loudly* hurhur jason! i will get my revenge.. *cue evil laughter*
  • debbie [awws thankyous debbie!! yes sushi agogo land. HAHA rmb georgia nicholson? X)
  • ningqian [hmm. lalala to you too. x)
  • shirleen [heloos dearie yupps im back. and guess what. i have huge piles of hw waving at me as well.

now. let me sob over the carcass of my beloved.