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Friday, December 22, 2006 10:38 PM

would you like to know what its like?
its like one day, somehow, and like a dream. you are not sure if you even want to be here. and as u walk on, you enter a parallel universe. where everything you knew, or thought you knew anyway, is believed to be wrong. people believes it to be wrong and are convincing u to view the world differently. a part of you wants to believe in the new world. but.. its not possible. its not possible for all the things uve ever believed in to be.. false.

even if practice of ur beliefs is not often, belief is generally a very vague word. what you know, is what u believe in. you cannot know something if you do not believe it to be true. as u practice those perhaps random timed practices, you KNOW what ure doing, and u believe in it. it just grows on you.
i am so tired.. i get so tired. just wanting to hide and run away from reality. the thing is. ive always been T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E at making decisions. ask me if we shld go to heeren or far east, have mcdonalds or yoshinoya. and i'll stare at you blankly and stutter

"err! urms anything up to you la! " *sheepish smile*

its the whole up to you part that kind of gets to me seeing tt sometimes i simply cant make a decision without silently fearing tt the other peson wld dislike it intensly. okie FINE. this can join fear of boring people and stick the two into a file where theyd nvr be seen agn.


realised im extremely fond of degrading and making myself look like an itsy bitsy coward in front of random ppl who visit. how GREAT.

ees so to degrade somemore let me answer yupings question. according to lots of books and mags excetra excetra. beautiful eyes = looong eyelashes, big eyes, in colours of deep 'whirlpools of green and blue' that u cld absolutely DROWN in them.

okie. no more degrading. X) lets all singgggg!

sec one registration! uniform sale ehehe gonna earn moneyy $$! i want new band tees. i duno what bands to get since i hvnt been sooo uber nuts over a band with the exception of green day before. what the heck looks cool can alr la. hees.

whoohoo after everything (including the goose pimples inducing bollywood mass dance), nicole yantong yijia and i went nuts in the sc room when the excos were hving mtng and the guys were playing dunowhat at whoknowswhere. what we did though...

"I'LL KEEP YOU erms it MY DIRTY LITTLE SECRET (dont tell you)"

ehehe i bet ppl present cld hear snatches of the disco song all day. seeing tt nicole and i sang it everywhere we went. and shereen nicole alvina geraldine and i skipped across the court screaming the chorus, plus the random singing in the hall (esp with changloks deeeeeeep voice lol)

i promise id tag reply soon.
im just lazy.