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Thursday, November 02, 2006 10:32 PM

wahahahaha. ive been tagged for many quizzes but i choose the cough. *interesting* ones.

1. Single, taken or crushing?
*waves galiantly* singleeeee of course. and unfortunately right now.theres not even anybody worth crushing cann. ><
2. Are you happy with your life right now?
would be happier if YOU help me do my holiday hw. and shorten those blearggh 7 hours of renee. and give me money.
3. when you mee the RIGHT person, would you fall for him/her fast?
*raises eyebrows* define RIGHT. pluss it takes a while to know if somebody is RIGHT doesnt it?
4. have you had your heart broken?
once is enough can. need lots of chocolate stitches to stitch it up and till now it remains shattered. URGHS it hurts.
5. do you have circumstances where cheating love is acceptable?
6. would you take someone back if he/she cheated on you?
NO COMMENT- but its a matter or lost trust.
7. have you talked to another person abt marrige before?
HAHAHA. at dearest litings sleepover a long time ago. XD
8. do you want children?
DUNO. X) after being a skyhigh lawyer and travelling arnd the world maybe. (=
9. how many?
10. would you consider adoption?
11. If someone likes you right now, what do you think to let you know how him/her feel[ing]
dun tell me unless ure veryveryveryveryvery sure i like you back!
12. do you enjoy getting into a relationship?
ehh. hmmm. i want my happy ending. X)
13. BE HONEST, what did u and ur ex do [did]?
yucks ur english sucks. ex what? ex-classmate? ex-book? let me use an AXE and chop off ur head.
14. do you believe in love at first sight?
15. are you romantic?
EXTREME PLEASE. i wannt a white rose
16. do you believe u can change someone?
i wish luhh ><
17. if you could marry somewhere, where would it be?
at the carribean!
18. do you give in easily when ure fighting?
depends on who you are. *glares*
19. do you have feelings for someone right now?
oh per-lease. next.
20. have you ever wished u got someone but you messed it up?
shut up.
21. have you ever broken a heart?
maybe. ><
22. one day if ur best friend falls in love with the guy/girl ure deeply in love with, what would you do?
urm. id go eat some chocolate?
23. are you missing someone right now?
OF COURSE. the dearests shir cyn cher and eL and lots of other ppl. =/

now you have to blahblahblahblahblah. do if you want bahh.

whoohoo. went out with nicole after the "MEETING" today. yah right. meeting. more like free labour. can you believe we went there to collate results?! like what the.. but then again. nicole and i arrived REALLLY late and only did the last one. *evil laughter* then borders-ing and macdonald-ing. at borders there was this adorableeeee babyyy! she came and played with us. BUT. she was strangely attracted to my waterbottle. and she tried to open it. and she put her mouth there at the mouth part. O.O like gross. ><
"she liked the flowers on my waterbottle, nicole"

wahlao. tmrw el will be siannnnn. SIGH. my beloved ningqian natalie and liqin will have evaporated. leaving me the droplet of water! RAWR. nvmnvm. theres still all of us gorgeous el peeps. XD *sobs* reneeee. great larh. will be all the stupid excercises again. NING NAT LIQINNNNN! T.T
arghs. i feel like calling in sick tmrw. oh yet another day.

i cannot STANNNDDDDDD the spammer at natalie's blog. shit you larh. ure probably some nerd ass who has a bogey hanging down ur nose and drool at the corner of your mouth. you think ure "oh-so-cool" coz uve wow spammed somebodys blog! go snap ur suspenders and give urself a wake up call before ur mommy turns on you.
i find spamming reallyreally stupid. id use the f word but i dun use the f word anymore. its like what. tagging bad things abt other ppl while hiding urself comfortably behind ur facade?! HURH. want to say something yet dont dare to say. why dont u go stick those words where the sun doesnt shine?!

sighs. i so feel like staying home tmrw. ><
charlene --- HAHA! kayys will update more. take care too okies char!!! <3
ningqian --- GOSSIP GIRL? *wide eyed* id be honoured. O.O
sonjia --- COUGHCOUGH sonjiaa! LOLL.
shirleen --- got lorhs its dead can.
debbie --- WHOOHOO DEBS! cant waittt!!!! <3<3<3>
shereen --- LOLLL where got lorhh. yea la. the perfect holiday! *sighs*
grace --- same! i want sosososo many things frm far east!!! gahhs!
jolene --- LOLL! yesyes jolene!! HAHA. the kawaii girl XD
ningqian --- ningqian! T.T missing you alr!! gahhh!
lisha --- haha thankyous. hope urs are good too.
cynthia --- yah lorh cyn. *sobs*
clau --- HEYYLOS claudia! hahaha! yuppyupp. u were complaining abt the dental appt. lol. =)
shirleen --- updated. and eeyeeer so evil. T.T