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melodramatic babblings. (or not)
Sunday, November 05, 2006 1:23 AM

i feel like talking chim today.
the melodramatic.

but then again. ARGHHH.
just feel so BLAH today. my lips gave me hell. dry and scaly they HURT LIKE SHITTE. arggghhhs. and this is in SINGAPORE, with the coldest temperature only being the air con of my room and tuition centre. imagine in japan (oh pray let there flight tickets *crosses fingers till they snap*), where its like 0 degrees. my lips will fall out layer by layer and when i come back ive no lips. *sobs*


forget it. i have so many things i want. i must as well get the whole orchard. =X hehe.
speaking of wants. i totally want the lily allen album. she is so under-appreciated. her music is just sosososo has this retro-ey vibe in a way and is so freaking chill out music. and her lyrics.
*gazes in wide eyed wonder* is so well written and is like so funny can.

sighs. sometimes. its just so possible to feel so alone. stranded on a desert island. thinking if its worthwhile to have the life ure living. its like when im at my aunties house, which is like the 28th story. i cant help but wonder what itd feel like to jump, to glide through the air, to feel the wind blowing ur hair back, gravity pulling you down. and then a blank. when ure suddenly void of all feelings. all troubles. all insecurities.

but suddenly. it just takes a flashback to suddenly realise what you are living for. life sucks like the black hole but there are things that make you hold on. people whom you realise you love to bits and are worth living for. little things that make u feel even the least bit happy. even things like the instant noodles i have in my kitchen now. *grins*

ok nvm. dont know how i got myself babbling on abt those things.

;all thats worth it
blogger has ungraciously deleted my tags so i reply nxt post. which i hope wld be soon. X)