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Tuesday, November 21, 2006 8:45 PM

*big grin*
COOKIEES! I LOVE DISCO! i can never get tired of saying it.

okie im back from the 28 sc camp! okayy so a lot of ppl didnt find it dat fun but i LOVELOVELOVED it. maybe its coz of the wonderful 2 Malan! ROFL. or maybe its coz of the night trail when we had to go arnd blindfolded in a train formation. or maybe its coz the sec 4 snrs finally came back and we got so HIGH. or maybe its coz of the station games with 2 Malan. or maybe its coz of all the singing we did when we walked back frm labrador park!

it really rocked during the seniors' farewell concert. disco did the dance although a little messily and "stunned"ly, it was WONDERFUL to us yah! and after the whole thing ended before the night trail, 27 and 28 disco cheered, took pictures, gave and received sharks and changlok and the sec fours burst balloons by putting it in between their hugs. O.O and when we sang horh, sang meaning : standing-in-a-circle-arms-arnd-each-other-singing(snrs)-humming(jnrs who forgot the words)-and-shouting-out-the-chorus.


heees. the night trail was URMS. ant-y. *shudders*
had to be blindfolded and we went out by groups around the school like a CHOOCHOOTRAIN. and at the beginning i was so damn scared can.so oops. i think i almost strangled yangjie. =X
and i so didnt want to be separated from our group!! but in the end was dragged away to some ulu corner near the grandstand holding onto this freezing pole and using my left hand to swat at the ants climbing on my leg and into my socks. T_T. it was so DISGUSTING coz when u flicked the ants away u cld actually feel its body grinding underneath ur fingers.

the hike was stressful in a way. wont elaborate but disco learned important lessons.
but overall besides that, it was quite okie too i guess. heehees. loved walking like pai kias with 2 Malan in one stright line at labrador park. "RIGHT WRONG RIGHT WRONG RIGHT WRONG" and playing the funnny station games.

and guess what. i forgot to bring my toothbrush. toothpaste, cup but no toothbrush

*COUGH* okie sorry this post seems rather over detailed and exclamation-ey but STILL.
lovelovelove disco!

p.s: we learned this BOLLYWOOD DANCE that will be another sundance. the sch has to learn nehhs! *evil laughter* but i cant do it properly myself. =/
p.p.s: even the reflections were fun X)
p.p.p.s: i love my 'bloooday' fingernail.
p.p.p.p.s: i need a bucket of ice cold water to wake myself up frm it all.

1) URMS SONNY i think i prefer my ass BEIGE. but pinks a pretty colour too. XD
2) im urms sortof "NEW" to friendster mahh thats why noob a little mahh shirleen
3) gracie haha well this time is i 1 wk nvr see eL alr. hees saw u today at the busstop. X)
4) O.O PHWOAR?! mandy wo xiao ren dun dare say my vocab phwoar can.
5) ROFL lengshan! exactly. then can quickly report to the SPCA for them to catch those perverted animals.
6) haha ariel! PRECISELY! 2 malan road and disco rocks our socks off. X)

and nataliee kaes will relink you soon. X)

maybe everybody wont understand. disco means the WORLD to me. and now im having the worst case of insercurities-itis ever. im so scared so scared i wont get into 29 SC. so scared so scared wont get into 29 disco. cant imagine my life without disco. i havent been trying my best so far and didnt treat disco as well as now. no matter what no matter how. next year i promise to give it my all for disco, for council. must prove doubtful people wrong. especially doubtful teachers ive taken to avoiding.and seriously disco seniors are all reallyreallyreally wonderful.they have great attitudes and inspiring words and their love and care for disco is seriously evident.and u can tell what they want is just the best for disco. sharks are strong, we will survive.