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bubblegum flavoured jelly beans
Saturday, November 18, 2006 10:33 PM

i never knew that u could see who viewed you on friendster! TALK ABOUT FREAKOUT.
so meaning all the people whom u drooled at/laughed at, knew that you were drooling/laughing at them! omg please give me a knock on the head. HEHE luckily ive changed my settings. *evil laughter*

okie. hees. i havent been here for long have i? NO LORH i draft very often. then when im tired, i just switch off the com without posting, of get stuck to friendster or blogs. XD like just now. got addicted to the black parade music vid.

okieokie. what have i been doing recently?
-seeing lots of eL! <3<3<3>
-sleepoverrr ningqianliqin
-not seeing much of my dearests! )=
-disco dance & stuffs! <3<3<3

i may be losing faith in myself for all of it but i lurvee disco forever! <3<3<3
oh i promise to try even harder next year! WAHAHA heart of steel is a totally chic accessory for mee! *crosses fingers* jiayouus weilin!

sc camp's next monday. gawwwd. hope itd be fun man. but urhghs we are so gna miss renee's casting! BLEAHHS! come on just release casting alr. *rolls eyes*

"join the paranoidism club cookie *hugs*
dont forget to read the small print at the bottom"
people go to bed hungry at night
and thats if they even have a bed
eating the bark of trees and anything they can get their hands on
they live their lifes in constant danger and famine
or victims of abuse
join the paranoidism club
and while people frm other parts worry about their lifes and livelihood
lets all worry about friendship problems and not getting the latest stuff
fellow parnoidism sufferer-- ur problems dont seem so big anymore do they?
im quitting the paranoidism club cookie.

thanks melly. for the inspiration.
WHAT have i been obsessing about...?