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Friday, October 27, 2006 9:37 PM

HAHA after reading jolene's last tag, i cracked up and decided to get off my midnight-chocolate-binge-ass and come give blogger a sweet little visit.

i typed up a nice post this afternoon.. but my computer hung when i was back from dinner, the especially high note of 1a's class blog repeating..repeating..repeating..and repeating itself. so i pressed the button and my whole stinking post was gone. )'=

hahas. i know i know. i very long never blog alr.. ><>

MACBETHHH!!!! --the endless hours of preparations and obscene warmups not to mention the gossips and issues we all discussed as we were all help captive in LT1 and the drama studio, all paid off oh-so-wonderfully. haha im telling youu. all the torture times from renee were soso worth it. clownish makeup and funkayy hair and our colourful witchyy costumes totally put a smile on our faces. the shivering and backstage jitters were all not for waste. X) (just read yn's blog. haha i didnt notice u shone the torch up ur nose! i was outside.)

still remember after the production, my hair stood sticking out as i was on the bus, no doubt attracting stares. probably thought i was a nurse gone wild.

but still. LOTSSS AND LOTTSSS of LOVE TO ELDDS <3<3 i loved my sec one eL friends even more and got to know my dearest seniors better. honestly i dont know what id do without el mann. theyre always there whenever im down and we can talk forever, complaining, listening, laughing, teasing. hahas i especially remember the time when nat, ning, liqin and i were chatting backstage. it was really therapeutic..

JIAYOUS ELDDS. we'd get a nice shiny gold with HONOURS for SYF. once again, the holiday renee torture sessions shall pay off. soon enough. GOGOGOOO!

discooo. hahas im lurving it more and more. the fantabulous seniors (even though it can be a LITTLE scary) and the adorablee nicole, tall chiobu estee, xiao4 shereen and sebastieee. hahaha. the chalet must be a success okies.. miss you all alr! X)

why all the reminsicing? well. its the end of the school year already. *sobs* cant believe one year really flew past like that. i think ive really changed since primary school. okieokie. no more sob stories. but defintely one way ive changed is that now, i dont get a neurotic episode when a guy talks to me. HAHAHA. heyy after all im an innocent rafflesian, whose only interaction with guys used to be only with hairy pe teachers. what do you expect?

oneblizzard oh oneblizzard. or rather.. soon gonna be two blizzard or as shirleen and i came up with, two BIANTAI. lets all hope we'd all be more united in the forthcoming year alrights? more enthuthiastic, dont let us be regretting now spending more time with each other. ohwell whatever. I LOVE MY CLASS TEE. *evil cackles*

hmms. feeling random. well. one thing you should NEVER as in NEVER do, is to prank call me. especially since if im in a BAD MOOD. then ure kindof very the DEAD.
i hate people pranking me. i know i have free incoming calls but sweetie, u really didnt have to help me use it. *megawatt smile*
haha. well. once i dont know if its a stinking PRANK or WRONG NUMBER or watever.
i was dammn pissed off that day and was ready to bite the head off the next semi-living thing that irked me. but i saw the called id and was kinda intrigued coz it was an unfamiliar number.hey you never know. maybe i won some lifetime supply of royce chocolates and can live on a gorgeous little island filled with guys with nice abs, cause of my charisma and charm. *tosses hair* okayyy. never mind.

hello? oh please tell me ive won
who are you?
*silence* none of your business. why dont you get ur head stuck down the toiletbowl instead?
okie do you know who am i?
*suspicious* nooo you weird freak of nature do you THINK id know why you are.
are you SURE you dont know who i am?
NO. you asshole. how many times u want me to say it??
*slams down phone*

okies i know this post is kind of long and draggy. but heyy. at least it made up for all the days ive not blogged. WAHAHAHA. thanks for all the tags guys. X) thanks for telling me to cheer up, to relax. thanks for all the rare taggers who tagged. a.k.a eileeeen! yn! YIJIN! liqin! bombelly! YP! TONY! debbie! melissa! . and of course my beloved regular sonnyyummylemon(: ningqian cherie shirleen jolene grace!
and whoever else i missed.
its not you.
its my cock eyes. O____o

haha. ur tags made me laugh. and made my day too. LOVE YOU ALL LOADS <3<3<3>
three hearts for luck and happiness. X)

she wore a scoop-neck, cream-coloured Max Mara sweater over camel leather pants that hugged her ass like they had been SLATHERED ON WITH A BUTTER KNIFE.