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Tuesday, September 05, 2006 12:51 PM

YAYNESS. im like so proud of myself.
i cooked nehhs! rice and chicken. my own lunch! *smug laughter*

well.. sortof. me washed the rice and put the rice and chicken in the steamer. my mum prepared the chicken. WAHAHAHA im likee so pro rights?

i even saved the washing rice water for the plants. gahhs im such a saint. *makes angel face* after all. what CAN you expect from a cooking noob? foie grass with apricot glaze and minestrone soup?

hehe. i actually can make minestrone soup. :D

campbell ones. HEE.

ohshit. i think im going to be late for eldds. cca starting in abt one hour and six minutes. my lunch is cooking and weilin is HOME ALONE so need to take two buses (or work up a sweat walking to ghim moh like so no way) AND I DUNNO HOW LONG ITD TAKE FOR THE BUS TO COMEE.

anyways this is a stoooopid post. pretty much being "proud of myself" and letting you guys mock me. -.-" well whatevers.