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Tuesday, September 05, 2006 11:05 AM

mmm.. weilin is currently enjoying LIME AND BLACK PEPPER RED ROCK DELI potato chips. it burned a $3.50 shaped hole in her pocket. and has rendered her loss of usage of thumb, second finger and MIDDLE finger of her left hand while typing this post.

i WAS going to share them with my family..

hehehehe. but i rather stay in my room and msn while eating chips (its a skill horh. very hard to do one leh) and wait for them to find me. X)

and okiee.. weilin also WAS going to not post tonight. becoz she wanted to eat the chips. but seeing the tags i felt guilty so i came along and tagged with 7 fingers. oh craps. and the bag is almost gone. and i said i was going to eat TWO??!!

well.. in the post that i hada lost becoz of somebody *glares at blogger* i was being really. as in REALLY yes i mean really random. why? coz random is a good mood to be in. not happy not sad just random.

oh yes. and random fact: after eating the chips, im kindof thirsty.


1) TUITION ROCKS. WEILIN LOVES HER TUITION.okie no doubt it IS a little weird not just a little to like tuition but yea i do!! science tuition rocks man. the teacher is ohsoooosooosooo nice, he offered us milo and ferraro rocher! when we said wwe havent had dinner. and he had alternatives too! even had soya milk. gosh. and did i mention we are allowed to listen to our mp3s in class? HEHEE. MR HELVA ROCKS.

but the thing is weilin wants some company in tuition. she is a freaking noob who just joined. T.T
and math tuition. *drools* okie. well the subject is well u know.. math the subject that totally sucks but like WHOAAA talk about eye candyyy! its like omgmgmgmg hot and smart. i almost melted like icecream. a flavorful puddle on the floor.

oops me said nothing. =X

oh no weilin is very thirsty. but lazy. so she remains drinkless till this moment.

hmms absolutely random fact/fiction??: dont put that turtle thingy at the front!! coz i heard from shirleen it might be a way for ppl to hack into ur computer. dunno lar. but better to be safe than sorry. evil doer. go and take advantage off the crocs man to hack ppls computers. TSKTSK

2) hmmm..OH YESHHH. random thingy number two as to visit xiaohans friend feature! haha its cool. =) interesting ideaa man.
http://friends-feature.blogspot.com/ and thanks to xh the song lyric "ive got friends who love me blue skies are above me" is now stuck in my head. so is that song! very hilary teenybopper but kawaii ne nevertheless. although im thinking one part of it is CHAO LAME. that mummy loves me sister shows me and daddy's always there part.
eh hehe u xiaohan i help u advertise lehhs. must thank me horh. HEHE.
anyway inspiration from xiaohan, wanted to sayy

thank yous my dears for being here for me! you all are the reason i feel so blessed everyday, to have a bunch of chiobus and shuaiges at my beckoning. ROFLMAO.

GUESS WHAT. i got my drink. a mug of orange juice. and the bag er not really a bag. more like one tenth? of chips are nice and safe in the kitchen. bahhs. no more juice.

3) farlalalala todayys was FUNN. went over to mandys housee and we did our info brochure! hehe must say quite proud of it coz i think it looks absolutely GORGEOUS. <3<3<3>

oh and you know what! im starting to try and read jane eyre! i know. im so brave *waves galiantly and blows kisses*. i think ive said that once every halfyear since i bought it. welll whatever its a hard book to get into. wish me luck man. im gonna need it.

taggss i know like finally? recent ones only though. *grins abashed*

{cherryONIGIRI} heyys darling! haha! (:
{xuqin} never lors!! that thing pop up de. i tried to hide and when i couldnt fit in the drawer, i decided to keep pressing the red cross and my com laglag so a while then close. T.T
{sonjia turty} nono turtlee!! i never! read above ^^ plus horh sonjia porn enough already. talking to her would be a hundred times of watching that home video. LOLZ.
{ningqian} HAHA. that show is SOOO nicee! gosh. jimmy choos, dolce and gabbana. O.o
{jam} gahhs ive missed jam! when you come back we are going to throw a HUGEE PARTAYY for jam! dont forget to tell us the exact date ud be back okie? hope to see ya soon!! <3
{xuqin} LOLZ yea lor! influence by jingyen the cute yet porn boy alr. haha!
{eSTee} heyys esteeee!! HAHA THANK YOUS! (: no problem dear girl. disco buddies! <3<3{snowfire}>
{xuqin} porn is healthy. never the less.weilin is unhealthy. she no watch porn.
{shirlynn} HAHA okies will link you soon! (:
{sonjia turtle} ROFLMAO sonjia! i know. im delicious. LOL
{debbie} HEYY DEBBS!! YUPPS! besties forever! <3<3
{babies} LOLZ babies. like whoever you are. im thinking jingyen sonjia or sebast. LOL. too lazy to check ip address. X)
{zp} haha truee. no wonder your posts are all grammatically correct and spelling imaculate de!! haha! (:
{shirleen} exactly! tsktsk. blogger. O.o
{ningqian} agree totally! seeya tmrw!~ or today actually.
{xuqin} HAHA that video is so funny lors!! jingleheimmer junction. X)

weilin finished all her tags!! *waves and blows kisses*
and im too tired. shall post this tomorrow.
YESS im THIS lazy. X)