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Tuesday, September 19, 2006 7:12 PM

like gasp? weilin is BACKK from her blog hiatus.

i dont actually know what hiatus means. but whenever i see somebody
returning from a long blogging break, they are back from a blog hiatus.

sososo.. weilin is BACCCK. for a short little while. =)

WAHAHA finally presented a lot of our jing xin jie zuo (woohoo). LA and Aesthetics cid presented, music presented, maths presented, geog info brochure done and rubricked! sighs.. did well for the ones where we realllly tried our best in! im damn proud of mandy and my geog! hehe. the onigiri sisters are pro (without a doubt).

music was okayyy.. but im excited for the next one. X) we tried hard for it and like after slacking a day away, finally got a song and sang till the cows came home! *happy sighs*

oh YES. today, jt, shirleen, cherie and i went to macdonalds before music. before we even bought our food, these two arnd 20 guys behind us said "oh i know this uniform. this is rv one. you see the rings. i know what they mean... " then i was already kindda shocked then quickly walked away.

AFTER THAT. after buying our food, going back to our seats, these group of @#$@#$%^& girls started taunting.

"ehh you see na4 ge4 rubber band! got yellow and green colour one! jie4 wo3 yi1 ge4 leh! you all got two jie4 wo3 yi1 ge4 leh!" and they continued on and on until we went back to our seats. they were freaking LOUD by the way.

like WTH?? what is their problem? it is so freaking RUDE of them!cherie and i were SOOO pissed and we were like glaring at them. then cherie started saying "EH? did you all hear something? like got bees buzzing horh?"


turns out one of them is AI PING. i wont forget that name. was jt's primary school classmate. but he said he didnt think they recognised him. hehe. then we were asking him go and call her mum. *evil laugh*

i HATEHATEHATE these kind of people. go lick stingrays' barbs you assholes.

sonjia-- ROFLMAO. ehh. same diet as you arh? (:
shirleen-- HAHA this is the perfect way to cure tummyaches.
grace-- HEYYS GRACIEE!! YAYS friday was indeed very fun! =)
melissa-- heyya mel! haha i hope so. but it has a tendancy to come back again. )= haha. YESSS wish you good luck! =)
xuqin-- LOL
ningqian-- LOL yupps that was rather fun. lime going to a psychologist without paying. =D
charlotte-- heyys char. nopes i dont have it. )=
ppl-- heyy ppl. lol. awwws thank you! =)
ringo onigiri-- haha! no larr. i also very long never. XD
shirleen-- LOL mother in law!! i got i got! *halo hovers above head*
ningqian-- updated (:
sonjia-- ditto (:
cynthia-- HEYYS!!!
xuqin-- updated =)
mandy's sister-- heyy melody! awwws thank yous! haha i likee ur blogskin too! =)
xxxxxxxx-- heyys jingyen~! lol! you tagged! ehh not my fault horh. lol
jiayi-- HEYY yah i miss eldds too!! sighs. esp gossiping sessions with sec ones and seniors. X)
YP-- LOL really? no lar. im speaking lots of rojak now. X)