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Wednesday, September 27, 2006 10:24 PM

its really no surprise.
but im totally NOT happy in 1b. nat if ure reading this.. its the same as what u posted in ur blog. im in a room full of people but yet i feel so alone. i dont want to do this anymore. im sick of this life sick of this class sick of all the people who revelled in my unhappiness.
you may all think it is really funny. but unfortunately, you dont know what you think you do. you are all making it even worse and i hate it.

im listening to Believe Me-Fort Minor on replay. again and again. again and again.

its my source of comfort in this cold blizzard out there.. ironic isnt it? perhaps our class name was doomed from the start. bad feng shui.

supposedly.. many people have seen me flaring up recently. sometimes for no reason at all or something so minor that u wonder what the hell happened to me. i guess.. i just couldnt take it anymore. i have had enough of the guys of this class of everybody in this world.i just want to upupup&away into the night, flying towards the stars, flying towards the ozone layer flying anywhere but here.

i guess you can say i am weak, getting so worked up over a small little thing. i dont know.. think what you want. i dont want to live this life anymore..

i dont want to trust again.. i cant trust again.

its difficult to pretend that everything is all right all the time. a forced strained smile on my face, a voice going on the edge of desperation, no feeling in the eyes. keeping a happy outlook isnt so easy anymore. but it is ok. i'll do it. i'll do it for the people who need it. that is why i kind of like and in a sad way need to listen to other people's problems. because ultimately.. it distracts me from my own.

i dont want to be the one to blame
you like fun and games
keep playing them
im just saying
think back then
we was like one and the same
on the right track
but i was on the wrong train
just like that
now uve got a face to pain
the devil;s got a fresh new place to play
in your brain like a maze you can never escape the rain
every damn day is the same shade of grey