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Saturday, September 09, 2006 4:59 PM

whoopsie. saw all the tags and got guilted into posting. =X
was going to post depressing stuff but then again. im not very depressed now. i shall save that material for later.

this holiday was FUN. as in reallyreally fun! so guys, all the time i was not posting, i was having fun. HEHE. as i have told jt (who sadly cannot remember what he does the whole day) that if you didnt do anything particularly memorable or significant, you wont remember what you were doing.

I REMEMBER WHAT I DID!! *gives a peace sign and a retarded smile*

wednesday was stay at home day.
thursday was over at mandys house again! slacked half the day away, eating, watching mandy play maple and i fell in love....

with the korean drama my name is sam soon!! HAHA
everybody has been praising that show and i finally watched it! hehe. plus that girls attitude makes me happpy. coz she is chubby and she doesnt care! and that little fact is important to me whyy?

cause i have drunk too much mango and chocolate iceblended in this short week. X(

and one particularly memorable thing is that mandy and i played with the fountain of water around her house! gahhs it was so fun. and i rememer daring her to run through this particularly big shot of water. and she did it!! but i did it first nehhhs. and i had tuition stright after that. so i went to tuition my hair like my wet dogs' and shivering under the aircon.
and no doubt people staring on the mrt. T.T

friday had ELDDS!! HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA. went to jec for lunch and finally *drumrolls* took part in the royal rv tradition. sitting outside winter wear stuffing fried food down our throats. and then all ten of us who were there squeezed into a neoprint machinee! like YAYNESS. chatted a lot, gosspied and had lots of fun. after that, josephine minni jiayi sonjia and i went to lot one to get xiaohan's present! X)

and you all arh *points fingers* still owes me money horh!
anybody wants to contribute just say okie? (:

sighs. still hv lots of hw. and today is SATURDAY? great. mugging time.

tag replies.
myth `lolz myth? its the name of the creater of the skin. i think.
zp `haha iseeisee. yayy thankyouthankyou. X)
cherie `SUPER BIG MWACKS. haha me so nice give you big kiss. but later chickens start dropping out of the sky and peck me until i die how? T.T
sonjia `awwws. haha yea me too. learned lottsa new words. i hope can last till the end. but diverted a little. hehee. one cant survive on a diet of classics after all. X)
shirleen `LOL
ningqian `ehh sortof? haha write whatever came to mind (;
cherie `ROFLMAO cherie! of course he needs you.
xuqin `LOL dun worrry. im not born a cook de. rather shake leg let other ppl cook for me. lolz!
shirleen `cue: shock filled eyes O.o
xuqin `... lol?
charlotte `LOL exactly! T.T i wanna see utt. ):
shirleen `ROFLMAO.
nat `HIEE NAT! i loved today. haha mwacks to you too! (:
estee `HEYY ESTEE!! (:
charlene `yea today was sooo fun!! yea the neos very coool!!
aubrey `ROFLMAO. tyty aubrey! (:
ringo onigiri `hiiee apple! yess strawberry misses you! haha! i so guai listen to you and post. heehee.
everything is f'ed up stright from the heart; tell me what do you do when it all falls apart?