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bigbig hearts
Thursday, August 31, 2006 10:44 PM

hmms i dont normally elaborate on day to day stuff but who cares luh.


sighs! this teachers day was the best. we get the best of both worlds! secondary school and primary school friends laughing screaming gossiping ALL OVERRR.

but didnt get to see much of 1b though. was with disco the wholee day. moving chairs, having the meeting, watching the concert, swaying to the songs, cheering for every item, chatting etc. sighs! LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of COMMITEE BONDINGG! every meeting or anything just makes me loveeee disco moreee!


and finally the one after holding lots of breath, GOING BACK TO RGPS. was so freaking late coz of meeting PLUS the it just HAD to rain today. mmm.. i was SOOOOO HAPPY to see the gorgeous 6f-ers! went back to our grey classroom and found our exam seats, wrote notes to 6f'06 and basically talkedandtalkedandtalked.

and somehow. we talked about fainting. (ps: rgss has slightly crazy people. LMAO)and thus it dragged back to all those years ago... *cue flashback*

cheered for all our juniors performing for teachers day! and made an ADORABLEE new junior friend, yining!. she is soo cutee!

anyway, coughcough. back to the present. debbs, sarah char fel and i went to PS after rgps. then met with ting em phyllis and cleo. AND ITS SO UNFAIIRR THEY SAW UTT!!! it was so funnay the way they described it.esp when liting said "UTT?" and he actually turned around and see who was calling him. LOL!!and they quickly ran away. then deb and i were so jealous that we didnt get to gaze upon his gorgeous face. LOL.

watched the devil wears prada. SOOO NICEEEEE. some people might not get the jokes but it was verrrryverrry nice. the clothes used in the show are like vavavoom man. chanel prada dolce and gabanna. phwoarrr. unfortunately, we got the rather unclassy first row seats thus ur necks practically broke into two pieces.

and guess what. even the first row seats were FILLED. this show is popular man. (:

well... sorrysorry for not replying to tags! X( you can only blame my lazy ass. thanks to evrybody who tagged love u guys sooooo much. and yess tyty dears i will cheer up. and to char yess i had a great time too. =) will start replying soon okiee.

and you know what. i think i may have accidentally downloaded soft porn!! OMGMGMG.
so not my fault okie. went to limewire and wanted to download 13 going on 30 movie and when i tried to play it, it showed this woman wiggling around suggestively and then she took off her shirt. plus the woman is soo not jennifer garner. yucks. thanks to my lag computer, i was clicking and clicking on the cross but it wouldnt close until a while later. thank god i deleted it. PLUS i went to google and searched free anime watch and they came up with a whole tonne of hentai links. like WTH?!?!

this poor world. driven by desire. tsktsk.